• 6 Reasons To Choose Silk Flowers

    Silk flowers, also known as artificial flowers, are becoming more popular nowadays. Whether you need to order flowers for a wedding or graduation party, these flowers offer a wide variety of benefits. Here are six good reasons to choose silk flowers: They Will not Irritate Allergies. When you order flowers for a big event, such as a baby shower or wedding, you have to worry if the guests may be allergic to them or not.
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  • 3 Tips For Saving Money On Wedding Flowers

    Flowers are a huge part of weddings, and it is easy for the floral budget to get out of hand if you are not careful. Most brides dream of the perfect bouquet and centerpieces, but when it comes time to plan a wedding, there are a lot of couples that need to stretch a budget as far as possible to cover all of the expenses associated with the wedding ceremony and reception.
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  • Expressing Sympathy With Flowers: Cultures And Religions

    Flowers are a traditional symbol of sympathy in many areas of the United States and are usually a dependably appropriate way to show proper respect and thoughtfulness. If, like most people, your circle of acquaintances has grown to include a diverse cross-section of religions and cultures, it's entirely possible that your expression of heartfelt sympathy could turn out be a misstep instead. To avoid insulting your friend's loved ones, read on for a guide to proper floral and funeral etiquette for a few cultures and religions that may not be as familiar as most.
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