Themed Wedding Reception Flower Arrangement Ideas

Posted on: 18 January 2019

When you're planning your wedding reception, one of your top concerns is probably the table settings and decor. One of the most effective ways to transform both the bridal party and guest tables from boring to beautiful is with eye-catching floral arrangements. 

No matter what your reception budget is, you can find a way to create table arrangements that give the venue a romantic and elegant touch. If money is tight, you may opt to go with realistic-looking faux flowers, which you can also use to decorate your home long after you say "I do." 

When working with your florist to come up with the perfect floral arrangements, keep your reception theme, such as beach or winter wonderland, in mind. The themed arrangements will help give the reception space a cohesive look and pull all of the other decor elements, such as lighting and table linens, together. 

If you have a large guest list and are using long tables, consider placing several floral arrangement down the center of them. For more intimate receptions with smaller tables, one floral decoration per table should suffice.

Here are some floral arrangement ideas according to wedding reception theme.

1. Enchanted Garden

Transport guests to a charming countryside cottage with an enchanted garden reception theme, complete with lush floral displays. To keep with the ethereal vibe, start with a crystal vase and fill it with fresh flowers in hues of pink, purple, and white. Use plenty of greenery and sweet baby's breath to give it a garden-inspired look.

Some flower ideas include pink and white sweetheart roses, purple hydrangeas or lilacs, and white calla lilies. Stick with seasonal flowers, such as lilacs in the spring and roses in the summer, for the freshest blooms and most savings. 

2. Winter Wonderland 

For a magical winter wonderland theme, start with all-white table linens sprinkled with silver glitter as "snow," and add complementing floral centerpieces. Fill silver vases with all-white flowers, including roses, calla lilies, baby's breath, hydrangeas, and tulips. If it's a winter reception and fresh flowers are out of your budget, you can use silk blooms instead. 

Insert white- or silver-painted branches into the floral arrangements, and hang glass icicles from them.Scatter tea lights around the arrangements to add sparkle. 

3. Tropical 

You don't have to host your reception on the beach to give the venue a tropical-inspired look. For island-worthy floral centerpieces, fill the bottoms of clear glass vases with seashells before filling them with water.

Flower ideas include a vibrant arrangement of birds-of-paradise, hibiscus, and orchids. Fill the bouquets out with sprigs of assorted tropical greenery. 

For more information, reach out to flower shops like Heights Flower Shop.