3 Sympathy Flower Options To Consider

Posted on: 19 January 2017

Sympathy flowers are a great option to consider when you are trying to send a gift to someone that has recently lost someone or is currently grieving. One of the nicer things about sympathy flowers is that they can come in a wide range of different options that will allow you to greatly customize the gift for the recipient. Listed below are three sympathy flower options to consider.

Urn Arrangement

If a friend or family member has recently lost someone and has decided to have that individual cremated, one of the best options that you can send them with your sympathy flowers is an urn arrangement. An urn arrangement consists of either a wreath or bed of sympathy flowers that is designed to wrap around an urn or that is designed to have an urn set on top of it. This can be a great option for the funeral service itself or to simply provide your friend or loved one with a way of highlighting the urn within his or her own home on special occasions, such as an anniversary with the individual that passed away or the deceased individual's birthday.

Personalized Container

Another great option to consider when sending sympathy flowers to someone is to personalize the container itself. Many florists will allow you to choose from a wide range of baskets and vases that you can customize in order to send the right message to the recipient. For example, you could choose to have a vase with the picture of the individual that has passed on or with an inspirational or religious quote that is meant to provide the recipient with some small measure of comfort.

Gift Basket

Finally, when sending sympathy flowers to someone you may want to consider combining the sympathy flowers with an actual gift basket. These gift baskets can include everything from a wide variety of snacks and treats to wine or other types of alcoholic beverages. This can often be a great way for your friend or loved one to celebrate or toast the life of the person that has passed on and attempt to get some type of comfort from that approach.

Contact your local florist today in order to discuss what options they can provide you with when it comes to sending sympathy flower arrangements or accessories to a friend or loved one. An urn arrangement, personalized container, or gift basket are all great options that can help you comfort a friend or loved one has lost someone close to them.