3 Easy Tips For Choosing The Most Fitting Funeral Flowers

Posted on: 24 October 2016

For years, offering flowers after the passing of a loved one or acquaintance has been considered a polite and thoughtful gesture. Even still, if you are faced with choosing flower arrangements for a funeral, picking the right type of arrangements can seem like an overwhelming feat. You will always want to choose arrangements or bouquets that are suitable for the event, but if you are like most, you will want to make sure the flowers are representational of the relationship you had with the deceased as well. If you are faced with visiting a florist to pick up the perfect floral arrangement, use these three easy tips to help you make the best choice.

Consider flowers that represent specific types of relationships.

Some flowers and some colors have understood meanings. For example, yellow roses often signify friendship, lilacs are often symbolic of a first love, and even red tulips are considered a declaration of love. Check out the specific relationship meanings of certain flower types and make sure you are sending an appropriate message with what you choose, according to your personal relationship with the deceased.

Check out seasonal flowers to reflect the time of year.

One easy way to make sure your flowers chosen for a funeral delivery are appropriate or complementary of the occasion is to simply go with a seasonal arrangement. Seasonal arrangements usually contain a range of different flowers and plants that are associated with the time of year. For example, a fall arrangement may include a spray of fall leaves in ranging colors and bundles of chrysanthemums.  Sending a seasonal arrangement may seem like a generic idea, but seasonal flowers are the ideal choice if you are struggling to find the right flower type or perhaps did not know the deceased very well. 

Go with live potted plants if you are close to the surviving relatives. 

If you did not know the person who passed away well, but are close to the surviving family members or friends, it can be a good idea to send an arrangement that is a little less temporary. Floral gift gestures to surviving loved ones are held at the funeral for pick up and are something the surviving relative can keep. In these situations, a potted plant, such as a peace lily, potted hydrangea, or simply a green ivy plant is a polite gesture and a gift the recipient can keep around for a while.  

Contact your local flower store for more information.