3 Reasons To Avoid Anonymity In Your Gift Giving

Posted on: 25 January 2016

There are many reasons why you may want to send someone an anonymous gift of flowers, candy, or another standard token of affection. Perhaps you simply want to make the recipient feel good about themselves without focusing on you or your relationship. Maybe you are unsure of how they would receive your affections. Perhaps you want to keep a feeling of mystery between you and the recipient by drawing out the classic idea of the secret admirer. However, before you order flowers or another gift for your recipient, there are several reasons why you may want to rethink your stance on anonymity. 

Many Flower Shops Will Share Who Paid for or Sent the Gift 

Anonymous gifts may not remain anonymous. You may underestimate how curious an unexpected, anonymous gift will make the recipient. Some recipients will try to track down the sender by asking the delivery company and the flower shop that you ordered from, and most flower shops have a policy stating that they will release either the sender or purchaser's name to the recipient if asked for it. Additionally, the delivery service may reveal the sender even if the flower shop does not. You should consider how you will feel if the recipient knows the gift is from you and save them the trouble of tracking you down by including a card. 

Some Recipients May Feel Uncomfortable 

With issues of security in the modern world, anonymous flowers or gifts, especially those delivered to a home address, can make the recipient feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. They may wonder who has their address, who is taking special interest in them, and whether they are safe at home. To avoid these feelings, you may want to consider sending flowers or a gift to their place of work instead of their home and adding a card that reveals your identity. 

The Recipient May Assume the Gift Came From Someone Else 

While an anonymous gift may make the recipient feel good, it is likely that they will try to guess who the sender is. You may feel bad if they assume the gift is from someone other than you and that person gets credit for sending them the thoughtful gift. You can reveal who you are and still make sure the focus is on the recipient instead of you by stating all of the wonderful things the recipient has done in the card you send. 

While anonymous gifts may seem charming at first, there are several reasons why you should consider including your name on the card. Contact a florist, like Hayes Florist, for more help.